Couldn't resist...

I had to post some more pics from Kendall's bday party. My sister-in-law Sarah is a budding photographer and she took these amazing pics of my girls. Thank you so much Sarah, you totally captured their different personalities. I love 'em!



so so so super cute!!! happy birthday Kendall!!

Heather Chamberlain

Tonii, those girls are so cute I could eat them up...in a good way. They are getting so big. They are beautiful!

The Pond's Lily Pad

LOVE the pictures! And Kendall's dress is so cute; I just picked up some wrapping paper in the exact same pattern at Swiss Days!!

Jones Family

They look so cute!


Oh my...those are cute girls! It should be no surprise to anyone, however, they have your genes.

lv, Emily Maughan Murphy