I'm Back!!

And I am sure I have been missed so much! :) I think I have realized why I have such a hard time keeping up on my blog, I have a gazillion different journals!! I have my own personal journal, one for my Personal Progress (does that sound cheesy? Since I serve in the YW's, we are encouraged to participate along with the girls, I actually love it!), I keep individual journals for my girls so I can write down all the cute fun things they do and give them to them one day, this blog, and recently digital scrapbooking!! Whew, its hard to keep up! Anyway, not too much is new here. The big happenings of June were wonderful and not so wonderful. Not so wonderful-my sweet angel Skylar managed to delete almost ALL of our pictures I have ever taken :( Long story, don't get me started! :) On to better news, Skylar is completely potty-trained! Seriously, she was ready to do it, and with in days she was a pro, she hasn't had an accident in over two weeks! So fun to see them learn and grow. I'll be back later with some pics from the Johnson Fam reunion this weekend, what a blast!


Super Heumann

Yeah Skylar!

Karlee Turner

Ok Tonii...that food storage website you gave me is fabulous! Just what I wanted...a little direction and someone to do the work for me! Perfect! So thank you!!

Hollie Hanson

Sounds like you have been busy busy! Welcome to the digi scrapping world- you'll be permanently hooked! I need your email addy! email me @ holliehanson@gmail.com. Glad to hear Skylar potty trained so fast! It's so much nicer. I was attempting Damon- but he is no where near. Prob about the time this baby comes he'll be ready. LOL

The Pond's Lily Pad

I heart the bread and all, but I'm glad you're back and anxiously await more posts! Way to go super woman on all of your journals. I have a hard time even blogging, let alone documenting everything. You're awesome Luv yer guts!

Super Heumann

I want to know about this food storage website. Plus did you get my email about Matt Dickamore & Ryan Bott?