"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear"...

So I have been telling a bunch of people about this fabulous food storage website and figured I would just post about it so you could ALL benefit from it! (if you are interested of course!) Months ago I started getting these emails telling me all the deals from the 5 major grocery stores and what to stock up on for food storage. I thought it was so great to have all the info in one place like that. I have never gotten into using coupons or anything, and never really knew what was a good deal, so I was glad to have someone else do the work for me! Well so many people wanted these emails that the lady who was sending them out finally decided to charge for her services. You go girl! She puts so much time into it, I was really glad she would be getting paid for it. Anyways, on her website you can sign up for the services and it tells you the deals at all the grocery stores, and they are color coded. Red means its cheaper than the Cannery and warehouse stores and to STOCK UP for your years supply, blue is pretty good deal but will go cheaper, and green is only buy if you are completely out. On those lists she always puts how much of the red items you should have for a year supply. Seriously, I am so so grateful to her for her services!! I don't know about you, but food storage has always been something I KNOW I should be doing, but was so overwhelmed I couldn't even start. Having a years supply of food is a commandment from our Prophet, and for the longest time I felt I was blatantly ignoring that. So anyways, after doing this for about 6 months we have a 3 months supply of food we usually eat that I can rotate through easily, and after a few more trips to the Cannery, we will have our years supply too. Oh yeah, and I think she charges like 8 bucks a month or something, you will save that in one trip to the grocery store! That also includes her menu planner which I love because I am always looking for new recipes. Whew! I feel like I should be working for her in her advertising :) But seriously, it has been a huge blessing to us, and if you are not interested in signing up, still go to the website because she has a bunch of awesome info and free downloads on food storage. Her website is www.myfoodstoragedeals.com and her blog is www.myfoodstoragedeals.blogspot.com. Hope some of you find this helpful! (Or you are all actually on top of things and have probably been doing this on your own for years!:)