Johnson Family Reunion

We had a blast! It was a weekend down in Monroe Utah filled with swimming, pioneer games, buck-a-roo rodeo, mechanical bull, pioneer trek and more! I am so grateful to everyone that put in so much work so we could have such a great time! Funniest part of the weekend: Skylar running and picking up the chicken. Classic! She had no idea what to do with it, and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Saddest part of the weekend: taking Kendall to the emergency room for dehydration, turned out she had a fever of 102 and an ear infection. Most embarrasing part of the weekend: when I accidentally mooned Paul's entire extended family while riding the mechanical bull. Ohhh, good times :) Best part of the entire weekend: time away with my family learning about those that have come before us and that have sacrificed so much.


Super Heumann

It's not a party unless Tonii moon's someone. Remember that night in the mountains with those guys whose names I don't remember? We went up on motorcycles...good times.


I had COMPLETELY forgotten about that!! HAhaha!! Oh man, I don't remember their names either. When are we getting together???