Stadium of Fire

Miley Cyrus, not so great, Blue man group...AWESOME!! We just wish they would have performed longer! Although I wasn't compeletely wowed by Miley, Skylar LOVED her and was up dancing the whole time:) We were able to go with Paul's aunt and uncle and their family and we had SUCH a great time! Unfortunately Skylar was terrified of all the loud noise, and everytime she gets scared she says she has to go potty. Needless to say the people on our row were pretty sick of us by the end. All in all a great night once we got a hold of some earplugs. Kendall didn't mind the noise one bit and just sat in Paul's lap looking around at everything. God bless America!


Jones Family

Hey lady! We were there too. We agree. Miley was not that exciting but the Girls loved it!