I finally did it...

Made my first batch of homemade bread!! I have been wanting to do this forever, and it was so much fun. Skylar loved helping me punch down the dough, and the best part was it actually turned out pretty good. It will take a few more times to get it just right I think, but I am pretty proud of myself :) Homemaker, here I come!!


The Lund Five

That bread looks delicious!

Super Heumann

Yummy! I have a French bread recipe I make all the time, it is very good too. Once you perfect let me know and you can take a shot at French bread! It's very easy.


Go tonii! ITs beautiful! I am so proud of you! Can you come teach me? you are an awesome home maker!!

Karlee Turner

That's awesome! It looks great! I might need to get your recipe...I always make wheat bread, but to compromise with my husband I make white bread every third time (funny I know) and my recipe doesn't turn out as well with the white flour, so I may be calling you for it :)

Jay and Bec

Good for you!! I still haven't perfected a recipe, so if you find a good one, you'll have to share your secrets! I also love that picture of Skylar between the two of you...precious!!

Hollie Hanson

Hey gorgeous! Wow! Bread huh? I don't think I will ever be that much of a homemaker. LOL! I love your blog! So cute. Your girls are just darling! and of course so are you and Paul :)

Western Rebel

Hi Tonii! I just found your blog through Sue's...hope you don't mind! I immediatley am in love with it as you have some super- awesome background music, which is saying a lot bc it usually bugs me when I have to listen to people's music while I read their blogs. See ya around, at book club if not before!

Steve and Kristen Weller

Yum! The reunion was great! Momo and Popo were totally in their element. I'm glad that we have way to keep in touch so that we can find out if your family decides to grow again. keep in touch and check out our pictures!