"Styling Cents" Ebook {Giveaway!!!}

  I have a treat for you wonderful readers today...a fantastic giveaway you will NOT want to miss!

I am a lucky girl that has an amazing family, not only the family I was born into, but the family I married into as well.  Besides just being all-around fantastic people, they are super-talented too!  One of these super-talented people, my sis-in-law Camille, teamed up with her friend Shelly and they have created an AMAZING Ebook that will completely change the way you look at decorating..."Styling Cents" - Reuse, Repurpose and Revive your space!

 Take a look at some of these ridiculous before and after pictures once Camille and Shelly worked their magic!


I mean, seriously!  It doesn't even look like the same room!


I told you they were amazing!
"Styling Cents" is PACKED with amazing ideas and inspiration, including:
  • Decorating Myths
  • Process for decorating a space
  • Shopping Tips–where to go to find the best deals
  • How to shop at a thrift store
  • Used furniture pricing guide
  • How to negotiate on pricing
  • Advice on choosing paint
  • How to paint and stain furniture
  • How to buy a rug
  • How to hang a light fixture
  • How to choose fabrics

  • Sounds pretty great, right?!  Well here is the fun part!  The gals at Styling Cents have generously agreed to give away one FREE Ebook to a reader here at Blue Skies Ahead!!  All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what room in your house is in the most need of a makeover :)  Oh, and if you just can't wait and risk not winning the giveaway, Styling Cents has graciously offered to give any of our readers a 30% discount when you enter the code "BLUE" at checkout! Just go HERE to to get a copy of your very own!
    So let's hear it...which room in your home is in most desperate need of a makeover?!  And a huge thank you to the girls from Styling Cents for making this giveaway possible!



    Our family living room is pretty haphazard- the layout of the room makes it hard to make it look nice. We have 25 year old couches, plus my spinning bike and treadmill, and our flat screen tv, which is the only nice thing in the room...and two doorways to work around. It does what it functions to do as a hangout for the family, but it doesn't win any prizes for aesthetics!

    Kristi M.

    I love Shelly's blog. She has mad sewing skills! I would have to say my bedroom. We just moved this last week. I have the stuff to sew pillow covers but I just have trouble with most everything else when it comes to supporting items.


    Love those girls! I would say my kitchen/dining/craft room...yes this is all in the same room! It severely needs some love in the form of paint and some re-organization!


    What transformations! Gorgeous!
    Our master bedroom is seriously in need...don't even have a bed frame anymore...it's a mattress on the floor because I can't decide which direction to go. : )

    The Allen Family

    Wow, looks like an amazing book! What room in my house doesn't need a makeover? Haha. Probably I'd most want to do my tv room and my own bedroom.