Singing Time Review Matching Game

  Today I wanted to share a simple Singing Time I did on Sunday that went over really well with the kids and was a great way to review the songs we are doing for our program.  I wanted to have them sing through all our program songs so I could clearly see what songs were sounding good and which ones needed some more work, so I just made up a matching game with the titles of each of our program songs.

I simply printed out 2 copies of each of these songs and put them up on the chalkboard.  Then the kids would try and find the matches, and when they did we would sing the song...SO easy, right?!  It kept the kids entertained for 30+ minutes and gave me a great overview of where we are at and where we need to be by November! :)
Here are each of the songs we are doing, just right click to save and then print two copies of each.  I made them in a 5x7 so they will probably print out best in that size.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, and please share if any of YOU are primary choristers...what are some fun ways you are reviewing the songs with your kids this year?!


The Allen Family

Cute!! I'm a chorister but our program is at the end of September so I already had to do my last review because now it's just program practice and the Ogden Temple dedication will take a week away. I did Jeopardy with SR and it worked great! Lots of questions about lyrics and then we'd sing each song. For JR I just had a big basket of dress up clothes and after singing a song I'd pick 2 kids I saw singing well to come pick something to put on their teacher. They loved doing that and it got everyone to sing. :)