Scripture Reading Chart {Free Printable!}

Hello friends!  Can you believe all this blogging I'm doing?! ;)
Today I wanted to share a really simple printable to help your family get excited about reading the scriptures EVERY single day.  As I've been praying for inspiration on how to have more love and peace in our home, I just keep coming back to the basics...weekly family home evening, family prayer, and family scripture study.
With technology at our fingertips constantly, I have decided there is just NO reason for us to ever miss a day of family scripture study!  No matter where we are, one of us always has our phone and we both have the Gospel Library on them, so we are committing to reading with our kids every, single day. 
This printable is as easy as it gets...every circle represents a day, and if you read your scriptures that day you get to put an X on the circle.  If you make it to the heart without missing a day you get something special.  For our kids, its going to be staying up 30 minutes later, getting an ice cream cone or something like that.  Now, what if you miss a day??  Well...you just throw out that printable, print off a new one, and start ALL over again!  Our initial goal is to read our scriptures for 500 days in a row, so I will have to make more printables as we go, but this one has a place for 150 days, which is an awesome start!
Just right click, save and print away!  We put this next to our scriptures so every night we just cross it off as soon as we are finished :) 
We have made it a whopping FIVE days without missing, and I am already starting to see little changes in our home.  Kids being a little more kind, me having a little more patience, and just an all-around better spirit...imagine where we will be in 500 days!! :)


Megan Hanson

Tonii! I love your scripture chart - so cute! I linked it to my blog post. Hope that was ok! http://www.latterdayvillage.com/articles/20160420_1


This is such a great idea! Would it be possible to get one without the hearts, just the dots, so we can change how far we need to go for the next reward?


It looks like the image is locked. I'm not able to right click and save. Any suggestions?