Homemade Butter {Farm Week}

Hello everyone!  Today we did a really fun activity that not only provided fun and learning...but a yummy snack too!

After visiting the farm earlier we learned all about cows and milk.  I thought it would be fun to take it a step further and make some homemade butter with the kiddies and they absolutely loved it!

This was such a simple activity, but the kids thought it was so cool!

All you need to make your own butter is a glass jar and a carton of heavy whipping cream.  We filled our jar about 3/4 of the way full and then made sure our lid was on SUPER tight!

Once you have your jar ready to go let your kids go crazy shaking that thing!

Now this does take a little bit if time.  As you keep shaking you will see the cream start to get really foamy.  At that point I had to dump a little it out so we could keep shaking.  A few minutes after that it really started to separate and our butter was almost ready!

All that liquid left over is totally normal.  I dumped it out but you could save it and use it as buttermilk in any number of yummy recipes :). At this point you can also add a little bit of salt for flavor and preservation.  We like it just fine without it, but if you make a lot you will probably want to add a bit.

Then comes the fun part...eating it!!

The kids thought it was so neat that the liquid cream had turned into a soft butter perfect for spreading!  We happened to have a delicious loaf of homemade bread handy and BOY was it all tasty!!

I would definitely try this fun activity out with your kids!  It's quick and simple, plus it helps kids learn and experience a fun and yummy aspect of farms :)

Thanks so much for visiting Blue Skies Ahead today, check back tomorrow for a sheep craft and maybe another fun snack too ;)



Hi! Such a cute blog! I was wondering if you would post your bread recipe. It looks delicious!