Hand Print Sheep Craft {Farm Week}

 Today I am sharing with you guys a fun, simple farm craft you and your little ones will love!  This was great for my kids because they could all participate, the 2-year old up to the 6-year old.

Here's how you make a Handprint Sheep!

All we needed to make these darling, fuzzy sheep was some black construction paper, glue, googly eyes, and White Poms sent to us by our friends at CraftProjectIdeas.com.  I love their pack of white Poms because it comes with a bunch of different sized poms.  They work wonderfully because you have different sizes you can use to fill in smaller spaces :)

So to start off you help your kids trace those cute little hands!

Once you have your hands either cut them out or let your kids work on those scissor skills a little bit ;)

Once you have your hands cut out let your kids go to town gluing poms all over the palm of the hand cut-out.  Make sure they don't cover any fingers or thumb.

Finally let your kids pick out their favorite googly eye and stick it right on the thumb, finishing off your cute, cuddly sheep!

I LOVED how these cute sheep turned out and had a blast making them with my kids!  Thanks so much for checking out all of our Farm Week fun and have a wonderful weekend!!