Hand Print Apple Tree Craft

 Apple week rolls on at Blue Skies Ahead today!

We did a very simple and cute craft the preschoolers will enjoy and moms will love :)

I always say, there is NOTHING better than a good hand print craft.  I love having these little treasures to remind me of my children's sweet little hands and the fun times we spend together.  

Today we made Hand Print Apple Trees and the kids had a great time!

First up, you get your green paint on a plate and some construction paper.  Then you let your little ones go to town using their entire hand to make several hand prints to form your apple tree.

Then you quickly rush your child to wash their hands before they touch ANYTHING :)

After we had the top of our tree done, we used sparkly pom-poms in red, green and yellow for our apples.  The kids loved sticking them on their trees and it was a good chance to do some simple color sorting and recognition with my 2 year old as well.

Once you are done not only do you have an adorable picture but you have an adorable little face to go along with it! ;)

I had a great time today getting messy with my little ones...have you ever done any fun apple-themed crafts at your home?!  If so, please share in the comments, I would love to check them out!