Apple Math and Reading Activities!

 Happy Monday everyone!

We did not get to even HALF of the fun apple activities we had planned last week, so we are continuing our apple fun today with some really simple math and reading activities!

First up we read one of our favorite Dr. Seuss books, Ten Apples up on Top.

As we read each page, I would have my kids get out the number of apples the animals had on their head and we would try to balance them :)  It was a great way to work on reading comprehension...reading a story while acting it out!

We were only able to get to two on our heads...but we sure had fun trying!  ;)  I love the look of pure concentration on Britton's face :)

After we finished reading we got our apples and worked on lots of different math skills.

For my 2-year old we focused on basic counting.

For my 4-year old we spend a lot of time on addition and subtraction.  I would give him a certain number of apples and he would count how many.  The I would either add some or take some away and he would count again and then repeat the whole equation.  We did this for almost 30 minutes...my little guy loved it!

Finally we worked on sorting more and less piles.  I would put two piles of apples in front of the kids and they would tell me which one had more or which one had less.  REALLY simple stuff, but a fun way to spend time with the kiddies and learn a little something too! :)

Thanks so much for coming by Blue Skies Ahead today!  Check in later this week for a fun apple craft and may a recipe or two :)