Fruit Flower Cups Treat

Just wanted to pop in and post a really fun, quick treat I threw together yesterday for the kids. we read a few books about flowers and plants and I thought this would make a fun after-reading snack :)
All you need for this yummy treat are pineapple, grapes, pudding cups and crushed up Oreos.

To get started I cut slices of pineapple and then used a flower-shaped cookie cutter to get our flower. Using a toothpick I stuck half of a grape in the center and then pushed a skewer up through the bottom of the pineapple flower.

Then I just topped the chocolate pudding cups with a crushed Oreo and stuck in our fruit flower.

Easy, tasty, and fit in with our weekly theme perfectly!

Thanks again for stopping by today! We are going to try out a really fun craft today so hopefully it works and I can post it tomorrow ;) Have a wonderful day everyone!!


Tonia L

I made star shaped watermelon last summer but I've never tried doing it with pineapple! The 2 would look really cute together! I love the "dirt" cups!

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted

Seriously you need to stop it with all this cleverness lady! hehehe Can I just say one day if I am ever blessed to be a mommy I hope to make eating as fun as you do!

Heather Kinnaird

I love your blog - new follower. You have such creative ideas!

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust

I love this idea! So pretty and cute.

Kelley @ TheGrantLife.com

Such a cute idea! Im going to grab a pineapple at the store this week.. thanks for such awesome ideas!