Flower Week continues...the Tulip Festival!

Hey everyone!  Long time no blog! :)

Maybe that half-marathon took more out of me than I expected :)   

This week we are continuing learning ALL about flowers and there is NO better place to do that than at a local Tulip Festival!  It has become one of our families favorite traditions...and this year was no dissapointment.  The flowers were all in full bloom and we had a wonderful evening together.  Here are some of the highlights...

First things first...the kids HAVE to roll down the big hill, of course! :)

Then mom has to attempt a good shot with tulips in the background...when will I learn?!  My babies DON'T do grass!

These were my favorite flowers of the night.  I wish I was a better photographer to do them justice, but you still get the idea :)

It really was one of those rare, perfect family nights.  The kids had a blast, the weather was beautiful and we enjoyed our Heavenly Father's beautiful creations. 

Come back tomorrow if you want to see some projects we attempted last week that didn't QUITE turn out as we had planned (surely I am not the only one this happens to...right?!)