Behind the scenes...:)

Sometimes someone will say to me..."I was looking at your blog...how do you do it all?!

I always laugh and say loudly and quickly, "I DON'T!!"

I think blogs tend to be our own personal highlight reels...all the great things we are doing in our lives.  And you know what...I think thats great!  We focus too much on what we aren't good at...I think its wonderful to have a place we can share some things that brought us or our families some joy.

With that said though, do you ever have some grand plans and they just go horribly wrong?!  We tried 2 different flower activities last week and they did not work AT ALL.  So today...I am giving you a look Behind the Scenes of our highlight reel :)

First up, I wanted to make some Handprint Tulips with the kids.  Since it would be WAY too easy to use store bought finger paint, I decided to make my own.  Well...I attempted to make my own ;)

Yep...I'd say that looks a little thick for finger paint, wouldn't you?!

I could not stop laughing...my kids were trying to finger paint with homemade GOO!  Poor kids :)  I still have no idea what went wrong, so I will be attempting this homemade finger paint again! :)

One of our favorite science projects to do is to buy white flowers and put them in colored water.  It helps the kids understand how plants "drink" the water as you see the flowers change color to match the water.

 Look how cute and excited they are!

Every morning they would run out to check the flowers.

Unfortunately...this is the best we got.

See that teensy bit of pink?  That's it.  They were more than a little disapointed :)
I used Kool-Aid instead of food coloring...maybe that was the problem.  Either way...totally didn't work!

So there you have just a glimpse of the way things usually go at our house :)  Thanks for stopping by Blue Skies Ahead, I am hoping to get to some fun new projects in the next few days and I can't wait to share them!!


Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted

Haha I can't stop chuckling over that goopey finger paint. We've all been there when it comes to failed projects!

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things

There is so much behind the scenes that doesn't make it on my blog too. I've had tons of failed crafts! One time I tried to make homemade puffy paint to make clouds on a sheet of blue paper...UTTER FAILURE! :)


I just tried to make 'homemade poster paint' and it turned out more like goo, too! If you ever find a poster paint recipe that works, PLEASE post it!

Michelle Paige

Cute! I had a major craft fail a few days ago...it sure set me back a bit! Ugh!