Some perspective...

A while back I did a post about putting together a binder with all of your important papers, calendars, phone numbers etc. I have LOVED my binder and find I (and my entire family!) function much better when it is updated and in tact. Today I wanted to share with you my favorite part of the binder. I tossed it in as an after thought after I used it to prepare for a Relief Society Meeting last year, but now I look at it often, especially when I am in need of some perspective.

President Gordon B. Hinckley gave a talk back in 2003 entitled "To The Women of the Church" and if you haven't read it....you MUST!! :) It is such an inspired, beautiful message to not only the women of the church, but ALL women everywhere who are striving to make the best lives they can for themselves and their families.

I printed this talk out and have placed it in the front pocket of my binder. There are many days I look at everything I need to accomplish, or think of all the things I wish I was doing better and this talk gives me a great perspective. I don't want to ruin it for you :) so I will just leave you with this little gem (my favorite quote of the whole talk):

"You are doing the best you can, and that best results in good to yourself and to others. Do not nag yourself with a sense of failure. Get on your knees and ask for the blessings of the Lord; then stand on your feet and do what you are asked to do. Then leave the matter in the hands of the Lord. You will discover that you have accomplished something beyond price."