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UPDATE: Here is the link for the entire lesson, with printables!!! Enjoy!!

I was so excited when I googled this fhe and was able to find it online! I remember my mom doing this fhe for me and my brother YEARS ago...and if I remember it it must be pretty good, right?!

This cute story is all about dinosaurs and manners, something my kids love and something I hope to teach them to love :) I can no longer find the link I printed the story from so I decided to just type it up here...I am sorry I don't know where the credit goes to for this darling story, but its definitely not me! :)

Where the Dinosaurs Roam

I went to a land....not far from here where dinosarus roamed with manners I'd fear.

first of all I came across STINGY-STEGO. He's big and greedy. He thinks he should always be first in line, first one to play games, first one to eat, first one for everything. He acts like he is the only one thats important. He turns green with envy if you have something that he doesn't. He gets upset until he gets what he wants...and then he's happy. However, by then he's made everyone else miserable! But he's to greedy to realize that.

I quietly sneaked out of STINGY-STEGO's and no sooner had I left, I came upon and ANGRY-OSAURUS. Now he's okay to be around if he's happy, but if everything doesn't go his way, you better watch out!! He gets really pouty and really angry! He gets upset and angry if he has to do chores, if he doesn't get called on first in school, or if he has to share his toys. He never has any fun because he is too busy pouting and being angry. Do you know any ANGRY-OSAURUS' in your land?

Better watch out, here comes TATTLE-ACHODON! She is always on the look out for someone to tattle on. She doesn't play with others very much because she is too busy looking for people doing something wrong so she can tattle on them.

After coming across the TATTLE-ACHODON I decided this trip into the land not far from here was pretty exhausting, so I stopped for a picnic lunch high up in a tree. All of the sudden I heard a terrible noise! It was the YELL-ADACTYL, and boy was he noisy! You could hear him everywhere! He zooms and yells wherever he goes, he may not be very big, but he is very loud. Have you ever heard the voice of a YELL-ADACTYL before? I climbed out of that tree as quickly as I could!

Boy, I didn't know which way to go! No matter which way it went I seemed to come across something with horrible manners! Wouldn't you know the next one I'd see would be RUDE-REX. He always wants to be the center of attention. He doesn't think its important to say please or thank you. He doesn't ask permission and he takes whatever he wants. He doesn't have any manners, and if he's not careful pretty soon he won't have any friends. Have there been any sightings of RUDE-REX near your place?

Oh dear, up next here comes POUT-ASAURUS. Shhhh!! You have to be really careful what you say around her because she gets her feelings hurt very easily. She is always sad about something, like she can't draw as well as everyone else, or her friend can't come over to play. She is always getting her feelings hurt and nothing looks very good to the POUT-ASAURUS.

Uh-oh! I think I see BUTT-IN-BRONTO! I better hurry and talk before he gets here or else he will butt in and I won't get a chance. Whenever anyone else tries to talk BUTT-IN-BRONTO interrupts and talks louder and louder til he takes over the whole conversation. I wish BUTT-IN-BRONTO would just butt out!

Oh my goodness, here comes POKY-CERATOPS! I almost forgot about her. She is always late to everything. She pokes around until the last minute and then can't catch up. Her mother has to ask her 5 times to get dressed, and when she finally does she is almost late to school! Have you seen a POKEY-CERATOPS in your territory?

Well, it sure has been a long day. I decided to head home when I came upon the most gorgeous sight you have ever seen. I saw the most colorful dinosaur of all He had a smile on his face like you wouldn't believe. I realized this must be the HAPPY-OSAURUS!! This dino is everyones friend. He is polite and kind and never interrupts. He is not stingy and is always willing to share. He never pouts and rarely tattles or whines. Sure, sometimes he gets sad and discouraged, but then he chooses to be happy and everyone loves to be around him.

I think I know what makes HAPPY-OSAURUS different from all the other dinosaurs....he's polite, friendly and most of all he's happy! He's the kind of dinosaur you want to be around and he knows he's special too!

I sure hope your lucky enough to have lots of HAPPY-OSAURUS' living at your place. Because just like dinosaurs are extint, hopefully bad manners are extinct at your house too!!

Okay, sorry that was so long, but isn't it adorable? It really touches on all of the biggest things we deal with in our home. I am really sad because when I found this online a few years ago it included a link with dinosaurs you could print out and then bones that had polite words on them. I have colored, cut out, and laminated all the dinosaurs and we go on a dinosaur hunt and read about each dinosaur as we find them. Then we usually find the Happy-osaurus at the end with a fun treat attached :) If anyone has any luck finding this file let me know, I would love to have the link for my records!

I hope this can be useful to someone else, it is one of my kids favorite lessons and something I don't think we can reinforce enough in our home!





This is adorable! I followed the link and keep getting an error that the file is corrupt and cannot be repaired! Does anyone else have this problem? Can anyone email the file to me?? cjcg at me dot com



That link doesn't take you to anything to do with Dinosaurs ;)



It is about 32 pages long

Elyssa S

If you are still wonderin where this story came from orignally, I found it in one of my mom's old FHE books from 1989. Its from the Bright Impressions book of Fun Happenings for Family Home Evenings Volume 1 by Sabina H. Bigelow and Sabina Susan Bytheway. I hope that helps you give credit to the proper people! :)


I would LOVE to print out the lesson and the printables, but the link you have at the top, under the UPDATE headline is not working. Anywhere else you can point me so I can print it? Thanks!!


I would love to print these dinosaurs and use them in FHE packets, do you have a different link that may work?

Becky H.

Link is broken on this blog as well as the tipjunkie blog. Would like to use for FHE but cant find the file anywhere :(

The Porters

I found the link for the story and dinosaurs =) Try https://blogmyheartandhome.wordpress.com/?s=dinosaur