Just in case...

I had somehow given the impression that the activities I do with my kids always turn out, I thought I would show you proof of one that didn't quite take off like I thought it would :) Don't get me wrong, the kids still had fun and we all enjoyed the yummy treat, but one look at these pictures and you'll see what I mean!

I had the brillian idea of letting the kids build their own "snowmen" with powdered donut holes. I thought it would look darling and be really fun for the kids. Well....one out of two isn't bad, right? :) They did not turn out NEARLY as cute as I thought they would, but if this picture of Britton is any proof they still enjoyed eating them!

I'm really lucky to have my girls...no matter what we are doing they always think its the coolest thing....especially once they see the camera!

Here they are in all their.....ummmm....glory?? Snowmen made with donut holes for the body, a tic tac for the nose, sour straws for the scarf and pink frosting for the eyes....we ran out of black :)

Ok, seriously, I know they look ridiculous. But if I only blogged about the things in my life that turned out perfect it would be a pretty boring (not to mention empty!!) blog indeed! :) Have a great night everyone!