Ok, I am so thrilled today to be participating in my first ever Blog Swap! And I'm not swapping with just anybody...every heard of Alish and Whitney from Sisters Stuff?! Of course you have! I have been so inspired by them and am thrilled to feature them on my little blog :)

We are Alish and Whitney from Sisters' Stuff! We are so excited to be posting on Tonii's blog today! She is such a fun and talented person! We are going to share something fun that you can do with your kids!

These fish snacks are way easy, fun and cute! They would be great for a summer treat, birthday party, or just to be a way cool mom!


Any flavor of sherbet
fruit loops
chocolate chips
muffin cups

First cut up your fruit. For each fish cup you need two pieces of cantaloupe cut in a triangle, then two pieces of kiwi. One piece will be 1/2 a circle and the other one is 1/4 of a circle

Scoop out some sherbet and place it in your muffin cup. Put on three fruit loops. Two for the eyes and one for the mouth. Break your toothpicks in half. If you leave them full size your fruit sticks out a bit. I like the closer look so I broke mine in half. Stick a tooth pick in each piece of the fruit. Gently stick your fruit in the sherbet. You can add chocolate chips to the eyes if you want. They are kind of hard to stay put, so I would maybe try sticking a toothpick in them as well.

Thanks for joining us! Remember to come visit us at Sisters' Stuff for more fun ideas!

Thanks so much Sisters!! When you have a few spare hours check out their blog for TONS of fantastic ideas!! :)


Hollie Hanson

Coolest snack ever!!! I am definitely going to make these with my kids. So fun!!


so cool! and so cool that Sister stuff did a swap with you! you are just one awesome mom if you ask me! I love your blog!


2 words = SO TALENTED