Moving on...

Thats been a major theme at our "house" this week. I say "house", because this week that means my inlaws home in Eagle Mountain, for the week after that it means my mom's house in California, and hopefully soon after that it will mean our new home in Daybreak. As we wrapped up things at our last home we had to be out by June 7th, but unfortunately the home we are moving to isn't available until July 1st, hence all the house-hopping :)

Its been SO interesting to try and explain all the changes in our lives to the kids. The most interesting thing for me has been how I have learned the need to take my own advice :) Skylar has been the most sad about the move, she has a group of darling little friends that she and I love dearly, and it has been hard to think about leaving them. She asked me the other day why things have to be so hard. I tried to explain when we go through hard things we have the opportunity to become better, by choosing how we deal with those hard things. I told her we could be grumpy and sad, or happy and excited. I also told her how we deal with hard things shows who we REALLY are. Hmmmm, so after I tell her my little schpeel, I get to thinking....how am I choosing to deal with this?? I think I've done ok, but I am excited to prove who I REALLY am, to choose to be happy and excited, and to embrace everything that comes my way! The last year for our family has been a difficult one, but one I would NEVER trade for the lessons we have learned, the changes we have made, and the bonds that have only been forged stronger!!

One thing that has been easy to be happy about it the abundance of time I have to focus on my kiddos all the time! Think about it: no chores, no callings, no jobs, nothing to get in the way of my time with them. They have desperately needed that time too, so in that sense it has been a wonderful week!

I am so sad I have gotten behind on my Cutting the Chaos series, but frankly, I haven't been able to cut any lately!! However, stay tuned, because this week I will be posting a fun idea for young kids and long road trips AND a recap of some of the most amazing dancing this season....So You Think You Can Dance?? I think not!! Skylar's last dance recital! ;) She was a star!!



You are my idol! I cherish the words you share, it reminds me to be better in all that I can! I love you, I will miss you but only from a distance, still going to SEE you and your girls tons and tons! Good Luck with the house hopping!