Cutting the chaos, Week 2!

Well, I have to be completely honest here. I had something very different planned to share with you today but last week became (what else?) a little chaotic and I wasn't able to finish it. However, I decided this project is to cut the chaos, not add to it, so even though I didn't like it I put it on the back burner until next week and chose something that I could do without taking near as much time away from my family. I still hope it gives you some ideas to cut the chaos in your life, I know it has helped out in mine! :)

I don't know about your family but when we go somewhere we pack alot of stuff! The kids always want to take little toys along, shoes and socks, sometimes a change of clothes, etc. I think most young families are like this. I have noticed over the last little while after we have company I often find a trail of socks, toys, sippies, etc that I know are not ours. Herein lies the problem: where do I put this stuff?? If I hide it away somewhere I will NEVER remember to give it back but if I leave it sitting out it just adds to the clutter of an already cluttered house! :)

So I give you...

Our very own Lost and Found :)

I simply found these cute boxes at Ikea and stuck one up in my laundry room with the sign "Lost and Found"

Now when friends come over I try to bring out the baskets before they leave to see if there are any treasures they have been missing :)

See, I told you they wouldn't all be complicated :) Sometimes in life its the simple things, right? Hope you are all having some success in cutting the chaos in your life. Have a great day!



I love it! I think I will become a new following friend of your! WOuld love to have you as well! Have a great day!

Visiting from Tip Junkie!!!


Here from Tip Junkie! This is a great idea, I think I might make up something similar for our home...maybe two - one for our stuff and one for other peoples'. Thanks!


Love it! Thanks for another great idea.

Steven & Becky Heumann

You have such great ideas! I'm going to implement all of them once we move into our house!