The Johnsons Take Manhattan...

Ok, we were actually only in the big city for one afternoon, but we did have a fabulous time on our trip to New York!! I can't wait to take some time and blog all about it, but these highlights will have to suffice for now :)

* Playing freeze tag in the backyard
* The best prank EVER played on a missionary :)
* Our sweet nephews baptism (love you Cam!)
* Staying up WAY too late playing games
* Trying to squeeze the double stroller onto the jam-packed Subway at 6:00 pm
* Paul getting his pic taken with the Bull on Wall Street
* Going to the Bronx Zoo, weather was perfect, kids were perfect...Hogle Zoo is looking pretty
* Seeing my kids absolutely fall head over heels for their cousins in New York ( and you too
Becky and Alan!)

See, it really was a fantastic trip :) Thank you SO much to the Barney family for being so so wonderful to us! We loved seeing you and can't wait to come out again soon. Every time Skylar talks about you guys she gets a little teary-eyed, but then says "We're going out in the fall mom, right?"

And for all the masses wondering what happened to Cutting the Chaos, fear not!! I did get sidetracked with our NY adventure, but on Monday it will be back up and running. Just to keep you excited I will be diving into ways to organize coupons, birthday parties on a budget and much much more! I am quickly realizing I will never run out of chaos that needs to cut :) In the meantime, feel free to check out these posts on some systems we have put in place in our home that I couldn't live without!

Hope you're all having a wonderful week! :)


Miller Fam

Welcome back!! We missed you guys! Can't wait to hear more of the details. Sounds like we're lucky *to* have you back and not lost in Vegas or L.A. Talk to you soon!

Kim Milius

Sounds like a fun trip! I was out of town for a bit too & when I got back I was looking for the cutting the chaos ideas that I had missed, but there were none! You are definitely allowed to take a break, but know that you were missed!


I know you said you were going to NY, but I wasn't sure why. So glad it was a fun trip to see family and glad to hear you had a fun time.