I LOVE me a plan!

Don't you??!! Nothing makes me feel better than having a plan, a system, something to follow. It makes me feel much more organized and on top of things :) However, as wonderful as I am at coming up with these fantastic plans of mine, keeping them up is quite a different story. That is why I decided to post some of our most successful "systems" with the hope that this will give me some accountability. If I post I am doing something on my blog I better actually be doing it, right? :)

Even though shes only 4, one of the biggest arguments I have with Skylar is what she's going to wear :) She has a very, um...., distinct sense of style that isn't always weather or season appropriate. Was that a nice enough way of saying it? :) I have started picking out 5 outfits a week and putting them in this sweater organizer. On Sunday nights I fill it up, and then every morning Skylar gets to choose what outfit she wears. It has been great so far, and has cut out SO much contention. It all just goes back to letting them have choices, but only with options that are acceptable to you! :) I am no parenting expert, but it works for us!

FOOD! Is it just our house or are you always talking about food?! My kids are always asking me what they can eat, whining that they are hungry, wanting treats, etc. I was starting to get really frustrated so we started doing these snack boxes. Every night before the girls go to bed I fill up their snack boxes with food for the next day. An example would be a banana, yogurt, string cheese, fruit snack, pretzels, celery sticks, and a 100 calorie pack of ding dongs. The rules are the kids can eat whatever they want, whenever they want, but when the food is gone it is GONE and they don't get anymore. This has worked out surprisingly well. I have been impressed with how they will save the yummiest "treats" for later in the day, and how much they enjoy having options to pick from. Anytime they are hungry they just go to their snackboxes and have at it. One more source of contention eliminated! :)

Finally this is our book of activities! I have started compiling different activities for different themes, and I usually try to pick a theme a week to focus on. Inside the binder I have sheet protectors that are labeled with that weeks theme. Things included are fun recipes, matching games, coloring pages, crafts, songs and poems. I started doing this right after I had Kendall so I am getting a good amount of themes. My goal is to have 40 different themes with activities, then I can add some if I have time, but if not our week will already have some fun things planned. This has been a great resource for me, and allows me to PLAN ways to do fun things with my kids :)

Well, there you have it!! These are probably really basic things, but these systems have sure made our house a more fun and peaceful place to be!


Hollie Hanson

I would KILL to be able to focus all my time on my kids like you can. some days I really wish I didn't have to teach or edit. hmmm.... maybe I should make myself make time for things like this. Even just one day a week. don't get me wrong i spend time with my kids everyday, but I don't think I ever get things planned out like that! Except maybe once a month. Poor kids. LOL You are an inspiration Tonii!

The Rissa and Alex Family

I love this post. Some really good ideas. Even having boys I am amazed at how picky they are about what they want to wear. The snack boxes are amazing too! Well done. Thank you for all your inspiring ideas.

Jones Family

Great ideas :D

jessica emily adams

You are just too darn cute. I love your ideas.
Oh and I also love all the pink in Skylar's closet. :)

Cara and Mike

Tonii! I LOVE IT! Love it, Love it, Love it! :) Thank you for your wonderful "choosing" ideas! Also - I would love to get my hands on your "fun things to do" binder... one of these days you'll have to let me take it for a day and get copies :) You are truly an inspiration! :)

Lisa Kay

Fabulous ideas Tonii! The clothes idea has worked well for me too, but I rarely follow. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement! I love the snack box idea too and I would also love to make copies of some of your theme ideas! You are so creative!

Karlee Turner

You're amazing Tonii! I seriously hope I can be as fun, organized, and creative as you are when my kid (s) are older! I am so glad you document all of these things...then I can steal them :)

P.S. We need to see you. Its been WAY too long!

Kristin Anderson

Love these ideas! I swear, everytime I read your blog I always find myself taking notes. Thanks for sharing!


I agree with everyone else. Great ideas. I love, love, love them. Can't wait to use them when the boys get older.


I am so bad at blog world, but I get Tip Junkie feeds, started looking at the spring ideas, saw the family fun book, started reading and then looked at the side bar and saw YOU...I KNOW HER! Great ideas Tonii! I will have to share your outfit picking idea with my sister whom has a daughter that she is constantly arguing with over outfits! You are creative...You and Camille!


Ooooh, my first time visiting your cute blog and I'm loving all the great ideas! I have a "fun things" list too, that I'm trying to get reorganized for upcoming summer, but I'd love to see your ideas too. Would you consider emailing me your file if it's a Word doc or whatever?? I'd LOVE it! :)
brookiewookie {at} gmail {dot} com

Have a great day! :)
Brooke at Little Wonders


What a great idea about choosing. I will have to remember those as my son gets older! Thanks for sharing. I am here from Tip Junkie.

Jacob and Ashley

Love it!... only a couple years later do I finally find it :) Do you have the fun things to do book in electronic format, if so I would love a copy of it!