For real???

I was so flattered a few days ago to realize I was given my first blog award by the amazing Jessica from Life Done Properly. I love her blog, just looking at it makes me inspired to find ways to calm, refresh and beautify my life.

Following the theme of this award, here are some things that make me simply happy:

Of course there are the big ones, my husband, my children, my friends, the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and so much more. But for today I think I will focus on the simple things that brighten my day :)

Teaching- I didn't realize it until I became a mother, but I LOVE to teach. There is nothing quite like seeing the look in my children's eyes when they learn something new, it opens up a whole new world for them. Last week Skylar read her first book, and it was incredibly rewarding for both of us to see her progressing and understand all the possibilities that lie ahead.

Traditions- Just ask my sweet, accomadating husband, I love me a good tradition! It can be anything, monkey bread on conference morning, sleeping under the Christmas Tree the first night we get it, visits from the Valentines Man, I love it all! There is something so comforting about tradition to me.

Throwing a party- I love throwing a good party!! I love all the little details that most people probably don't even notice, but to me that is the best part. I love the planning, the staying up late putting it all together, the baking, all of it! Right now I am planning Britton's first bday party, and its gonna be a good one :) Imagine little monsters as far as the eye can see...its gonna be fun!

Mondays- Kinda wierd, I know! But I LOVE a fresh start to the week, a chance to accomplish everything I want, a new slate. I am always so motivated on Mondays, it usually wanes by Wednesday, but Mondays are a good day at our house :)

These are just a few things that make me happy. I would love to pass this award along to 4 other ladies that in their own way contribute to that happiness with the great things they are doing on their blogs:

Britt's Broadcast: If you want to be organized and ispired, check out this blog! Not ony is she incredibly on top of things, but her priorities are always in place, you know her family comes first. Love it!
Spence Family: I LOVE her Tender Mercy Tuesday posts. Its a beautiful thing to be able to see the Lord's hands daily in our lives, and Mickie is helping me do just that.
The Mediocre Mom's Guide to Greatness: My dear friend from years ago started this site to help all us moms feel a little less mediocre, one day at a time. Yes please!!
Cherry Tree Photography: My friend Hollie is one of those people that is just amazing at everything, but most especially photography! She is doing some fantastic work and looking at something so beautiful always makes me feel a little more happy :)
Stay tuned a little bit later for the second installment of Cutting the chaos, one week at a time!!


Steven & Becky Heumann

:) Thanks Tonii!


You are so sweet. I was just happily reading along to another one of your inspiring posts and literally shocked to see those super nice comments about me. Thank you so much! I feel the exact same way about you!