One of our better family home evenings

So more often than not our family home evenings are, well frankly, disasters :) That might be a little dramatic, but they just don't usually turn out the way I envision them. This one however was great!! The kids had fun, it kept their attention, and Skylar is still talking about it.

Lately Skylar has been having a little trouble with lying. I think its pretty normal and part of a stage she's in, but still, I felt like it needed to be addressed and I think fhe is the perfect place for that. So for this one I got two big pumpkins. I cut the tops off of both of them and scooped the guts out of one, and left them in the other. Then I made up a silly story about two pumpkins, Patty and Perry. Both cute pumpkins made some mistakes and told some lies, but Patty said she was sorry and tried very hard to not do that any more. Perry didn't say he was sorry and kept telling more and more lies. I then talked about how Perry felt inside when he kept lying, and how Patty felt when she apologized and didn't lie anymore. Then I had the girls stick their hands into the pumpkins, Perry was yucky and dirty, and Patty was nice and clean. I asked Skylar what she wants her insides to be like, you can guess her answer.

It was really, really fun and a good visual for something I am always trying to explain. You could also definitely use this for repentance or a lot of other things. Then after we carved and painted the pumpkins and just enjoyed being together.

And of course, gotta have a fun dessert and dinner :) I saw these pizzas at Papa Murphy's and thought "I could do that" :) and saw these cute candy corn desserts online somewhere, I am sorry, I don't remember where. It is just butterscotch pudding, then banana cream pudding, with some cool whip on top.



that looks a lovely kiddy-friendly dinner, and your way of explaining the lesson is very clever :)


Don't you love it when you feel like you actually got your message across with your FHE lesson! This is an awesome idea. Love the visual aid.
Wish we lived closer so we could come to your FHE lessons. I bet my kids would learn a lot. We just end up getting the same lesson I taught the YW on sunday ;). Hey, atleast it's a lesson!


What a good mom you are, so creative,and they will remember it forever.

Hollie Hanson

LOVE the fhe lesson. I need to do that with my two. Esp Cherry. I think you are right, it's an age/phase they are going through.
Love your pumpkin pizza and dessert! You are so creative?

Karlee Turner

You are such a wonderful mom! Seriously, you do the funnest things to teach your children valuable lessons! I can only hope tp ;earm from your fabulous example!

Cara and Mike

Tonii!! SOOO Cute! And you came up with that all on your own? Talk about being in tune!! SUCH a cute lesson, and so perfect for the season! - I bet they just LOVED it! - We need to talk, I need more of these fun ideas! Mine and Mike's FHEs are so boring, because we are the only ones that understand, but pretty soon here, we're going to have to make it more fun! so fun!