Murder at the Juice Joint!

Last year our friends Nate and Kristin threw a great murder mystery party (seriously you guys, we had a blast!:) and we wanted to keep the tradition going and have one this year too. We decided on the Murder at the Juice Joint, a 1920's themed party!

It was so fun!! We have some great friends who really got into it and made the night a lot of fun.

This was the main table, I love to throw a party!

Gotta love a fun party favor! Beer mugs filled with mini Martinelli's Sparkling Cider

These were the different envelopes that had your objectives you had to accomplish before and after the murder.

Prizes for Best Dressed, Most Money, and Best Actor. I just decorated old formula cans and filled them with chocolate covered pretzels.

Here are the invites, had all the background info and character information.

Here is the whole group in all our glory!

Everyone examining all the evidence and voting :)

Detective Pinkerton (Matt) at the crime scene. Poor Nick (Paul) was the one to go!

These are the drinks, it was supposed to be a bar after all!

It was a really fun night, thanks for coming everyone! :)


Spence Family

Cool that looks like it was a ton of fun, you really do go all out for those parties :) Such fun decorations and party favors.


Oh my gosh, that looked so fun and you did such a good job with all the decorations and party favors. I love your hair too, maybe you should think about cutting it short and going platinum blond. :-) Hopefully we can get an invite next year (hint, hint) and I promise not to have two babies 3 days before. ha

Steven & Becky Heumann

So fun Tonii! I"ve wanted to throw one of those for a long time but keep putting it off until I have home better for entertaining.

Karlee Turner

That looked like it was the most fun thing ever. Why didn't we get an invite. Oh Wait... That does not look fun at all. You'll never get me to one of those.

All My Love,


That looks like so much fun... You guys are amazing!