One year anniversary :)

This picture was taken at the Cheesecake factory last week where we went to celebrate the fabulous Karlee and her birthday (We missed you Nate)! Afterwards Paul and I were reminiscing about how we have been friend with these fabulous people for over a year now. In life sometimes you meet people that you automatically click with, and these, for us, are those people! The first night we hung out I cried from laughing so hard, and haven't stopped since. These are the kind of friends you can laugh hysterically with, but they are always there when you need them too. I could go on and on about the wonderful examples they have individually set for me, but just so I don't get too mushy I'll just say:

Happy one year anniversary!! :)


Karlee Turner

Awww...We love you guys too! We really are so lucky to have found each other :) I will always remember our "first date"- we did laugh pretty hard, and you can't forget the placemats!! Thanks for the blog shout out.


Ditto ditto ditto!!! So glad we found you..... :)