Wee Witches Night!

On Saturday night Paul was planning on going to the Priesthood session, but came down with a horrible 24-hour flu bug. So like the wonderful, loving, doting wife that I am, I left him at home with Britton and went out with the girls! And by the girls I mean Skylar and Kendall :) Gardner Village (one of my absolute favorite places!) was having a Wee Witches Weekend, and I knew we had to go.

They had lots of fun activities for the kids and Skylar about died when she saw the Glitter Eyes booth. I am such a sucker, I just couldn't resist. Isn't she gorgeous?:)

The girls loved getting dressed up in their costumes and Skylar especially loved the big stage she could get up on and DANCE! This girl is a born performer, its fun to see how uninhibited she is, she is my joy.

Kendall just loved her warm, snuggly costume, she is such a content little girl. She just hung out in the stroller and laughed at Skylar's antics. I am such a lucky mommy!


Steven & Becky Heumann

I LOVE Gardner Village this time of year! I wish I'd known about it, I would have taken Elese.

Cory and Krista

So cute! That sounds so fun! Your girls are adorable and so sweet. We haven't made it over there yet. Need to go.

Flockhart Family

Your girls are so cute, and you are such a beautiful Mom!