Happy Valentines Day!!

We started off our day with our traditional Valentines day Breakfast, heart shaped strawberry muffins, pink scrambled eggs, strawberries and pink juice.

Then all of the girls were thrilled when Daddy surprised us all with beautiful flowers. It really made Skylar feel so special, and made me love Paul even more!

These are the beautiful flowers Paul brought me, what a guy :)

One of our favorite traditions is the Valentines Man, and he comes to the house and rings the doorbell, leaving little treats and presents behind. He came 3 times this year and the girls LOVED IT!! They would scream and run to the door every time they heard the bell! Here is one of Skylar's presents, a tutu that I made. If you ever think of buying one...DON'T!! The are so easy to make, and that one cost me about $4.

We ended the night with dinner at Zupas with the Browns. We joked that this was Skylar and Carters first Valentines together: what a cute couple! Seriously, I had the best Valentines Day. We are so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful friends and family members. I love my little family with all my heart, and I hope they felt that just a little bit this V-day!


Karlee Turner

Wow! Look at you and all your posts! That tutu turned out so cute! Sorry we didn't make it over there on Sat night...tired, pregnant me + slam dunk contest being on TV = us going home early :) See you tonight!


I'm so glad we got to spend V day night with you guys!!! Cute picture of the future Mr. and Mrs!!!


LOVE THE POSTS! :) How in the world do you do it all? you are amaizing! you do the cuttest things! I love that paul got you and the girls flowers! Jared would never think of that in a million years!