Mommy and Me Date!

I am incredibly blessed to have a lot of amazing friends, and something we love to do is go to Chilis, grab a snack, and talk and laugh until they kick us out. The last few times I have gone Skylar has been so sad and has wanted to go with me. I promised her we would go to Chili's soon, and one night after Young Women's I made good on that promise! At about 9:00 we went to Chilis (irresponsible or fun? I'll go with fun :) just the two of us. We giggled and talked and ate Chocolate Cake, and had a fabulous time. I love my little girl so much and I'm grateful for the moments we have just the two of us. I can't wait for my next date with my Skylee-Boo!



How fun! That is such a good idea. I think me and Raegan need a girl night out! We aren't getting along these days.. maybe that would help! i can't believe how grown up skyler is! What a doll!