Happy Valentines Week!!

And what a week it was!! Even though I have not been feeling too hot, we tried really hard to have a special week. At the beginning we made a wall called the Johnson Family Wall of Love and everytime someone did something nice we would write it on a heart and tape it to the wall. It was really fun to see the hearts go up, and it was amazing how much more aware Skylar was of being nice to others.

Then one day we bundled up and went outside to play in the snow. We filled water bottles up with colored water and "painted" the snow different colors. I tried to draw hearts, pretty pathetic, but still so fun.

And what would Valentines week be without treats!! We made these cute little sugar cookies to look like conversation hearts. It kept us busy for ours and Skylar loved taking them to her friends.

Finally the night before Valentines Day we had a fun family night. We got a heart-shaped pizza and watched the movie Madagascar 2. It was so fun to just hang out at home and spend time together, there is no one else I would rather be with than my little family!!