Letter to Santa

Skylar wanted to write her first letter to Santa, I told her I would write exactly what she said and she could sign it. Here it is :)

Dear Santa-
Bring us presents. I love you Santa. We love you. You have a family. Christmas trees, christmas trees, christmas trees!! Please bring me a nice married headband and a nice princess tiara.


So cute right?! I love the part "you have a family" and the Christmas trees, you can tell a little about her attention span there :) Children are always such a joy, but Christmas time is just too fun!!


Steven & Becky Heumann

I found a website www.emailsanta.com you can either email him or send a letter and you will get a letter or email back. It also has pictures of the North Pole on it and stuff. Max wants to send a letter we just haven't done it yet.

The Pond's Lily Pad

The greatest lessons are learned through children. Christmas should be this simple for everyone!! When are we going to go to Chili's?


that is so funny! I love it!
I had Raegan Paint pictures of what she wanted for christmas! It was fun! i love christmas time!

Hollie Hanson

That is so cute! I should do that with Cherry. i love the things little kids say. Prayers are always funny too. We really should get our kids together sometime to play. They would have so much fun! I am 30 weeks today and counting down. :) But so far she is showing a lot of signs of coming early so we are planning on somewhere between 6-8 weeks from now :)


I love it! It was so fun to see you over the weekend@!