Christmas is in two weeks!!! I am SO not ready! This year to save money we decided to cut back and try and make some of the girls gifts (by we I mean me of course :) and it is killing me :) I am not super crafty by nature, I have to work really hard at it, so this stuff is taking me forever!! However, I can't wait for Christmas morning for the girls to open their gifts that I put so much time and love into. I am hoping they will last for years to come. Thank you to my sweet Mother-in-law who is helping me with the blankets I am making. Skylar's is of course princesses, but I was pleasantly surprised with Kendall's. I didn't really know what kind of material to get for her, but at the store she saw a teddy bear print and went crazy! I got it down and she hugged the whole bolt of fleece the rest of the time we were there! And thank you to my mom for all of the amazing help with the quiet book I am making for Skylar. She found the pattern for the same quiet book she made for me when I was Skylar's age, and I still remember how much I loved that thing. She also took some of the pages that were overwhelming to me and did them for me, what a great Grandma!! It is quite the project, tracing, cutting, coloring, sewing. I will post pics when it is done, I will be very proud of myself :) Finally I am making a felt cake, basically a 3-tiered white cake covered in felt with little sparkly felt decorations so Skylar can decorate it. I found a wedding dress-up kit to go with it, and I think she is gonna go crazy! Her favorite thing to do is pretend she is getting married (to Carter in the temple! :) So basically, I am really looking forward to craft night girls! If you don't have any crafts to work on, I might have something for you to do!! :) As busy as it is, don't you just love this time of year!?!?


Steven & Becky Heumann

It sounds like your doing a lot but let me just tell you about the WAY cute purse my sister-in-law made. She mad it out of old jeans. You just take some old jeans and cut off the legs...sew the openings together and add a strap...she added sequins and stuff. I'm hoping she will make Elese one for her birthday. Check out this one I found online. http://www.withlove-always.com/store/index.php?main_page=popup_image&pID=402
Good luck!


Could you be any cuter? I love the cake idea...I think I need steal that idea from you. My little neice would love it!

Karlee Turner

I would have to disagree with you on one thing...you ARE totally crafty! Seriously, you need to give yourself more credit! I can't wait to see the finished products because you know I'm going to be stealing all your wonderful ideas :)

The Pond's Lily Pad

I will help you with your crafts... I am domestically challenged and I don't make anything. I LOVE your ideas...very cute!

Hollie Hanson

You are so good Tonii. I love your blog and your other one too. You have awesome ideas. I wish I had the energy to do more with my kids. maybe in 6 or 7 weeks... LOL
For now I am freaking out that Christmas is so close! James and I have done NO shopping yet. We were hoping for a bonus. ha ha. So i think we are going to try to do it tonight. Damon has surgery next week or the week after so it's a bit of a rush. I love homemade gifts too. I always do something for my kdis from my heart like that. Crocheting the edges of burp rags and blankets seems to be taking over my life at the moment. hee hee. Ok I am just totally rambling now!!!!


I'm SO glad Skyler is ready to marry Carter. Maybe I should get him a tux.