Temple Square

On Saturday night we braved the crowds (and seriously, it was ridiculous!) for the traditional lights at Temple Square. Even though it was crazy and cold and busy and hectic, I loved every minute of it. It put me in the Christmas Spirit like nothing else has, so I say Thank You to our friends that braved it with us. Maryann was without a husband and still brought her darling two boys, Nate and Kristen were also there and Nate was sick but still made the best of it! We have been very blessed with some great friends, we really missed you Karlee and Travis (and of course Matt :)

The highlight of the evening was seeing the Christus. This is one of Skylar's favorite things to do, and I love doing it with her. As we looked at the statue Skylar said "Mommy, look at the owies on his hands and feet. He did that because he loves me." I am so grateful for my children that constantly remind me how simple it all is. It is hardly ever easy, but it truly is simple. I am also grateful to Heavenly Father for sending these precious ones to me. I feel like they have been sent to me to help me become the person I can be, hopefully without screwing them up too much along the way :) As a mother I have been blessed to have moments where I catch just a glimpse of the way our Heavenly Father sees my children, and when I see that, I just want to do better. Not in an overwhelming, depressing, I-am-not-good-enough way, just a renewed determination to be the person my Father in Heaven expects me to be.


Steven & Becky Heumann

We were going to go that night but the kids were sick...it would have been nice to run into you again.