Its a...

BOY!!!!!!! :)


Jason and Emily Egan

I am so excited for you. I thought it was going to be another girl. Do you have a name picked out yet? Well if he comes early we have lots of premie clothes. Congrats.

Spence Family

Cool news Tonii! That is exciting :)How did Skylar take it? Kendall probably doesnt even know whats coming down the pipe haha


Oh my goodness! Im soo excited for you! Congratulations

Karlee Turner

Jack it is then!!!

Jessica Emily

Yay! I am excited to see how handsome he is!

Jones Family

YAY! I am so excited for you guys.

The Pond's Lily Pad

You're gonna LOVE having a boy!

Steven & Becky Heumann

YEAH!!!! I'm so happy for you! I love Elese and I love Max and I think it is fun to at least have one of each! Hooray for you!

Kristen Weller

Awesome. Little boys are fantastic!

Cory and Krista

That is so exciting for you! Im a tad jealous though. I guess even though we just wanted three we will have to try one more time for that boy!

Hollie Hanson

Yeah!!! How fun! i am so excited you guys are having a boy! All be it there are times I would like to return mine ;) I still wouldn't trade him for anything. They are so funny! Oh I am just so excited for you guys!!! Give me a call we need to get together! 801-735-8008


Congratulations!! We are thrilled for your little family.



Jay and Bec

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you!