Happy Birthday Kendall!

I cannot believe it, my baby is ONE!!! We had a fun little polka dot party for Kendall on Saturday to celebrate. Thanks to all our family and friends that made it so much fun, we are so blessed to have you! I had a great time throwing a last minute party together, polka dots everywhere! Of course, the highlight of the night was Kendall tearing into her cupcake, what a cutie :) Happy birthday angel, we love you so much!!



That was such a cute party! I loved the dots! What a cute idea! I can't believe these kids growing up so fast! CRAZY! WE love you kendall!

The Pond's Lily Pad

Happy Birthday Kendall! What an adorable party; she looks amazing. Happy Anniversary, also (you'll never forget your anniversary now sharing it with Kendall's birthday!!) Luv yer guts!