Kendall and her Bear

A few weeks ago we were all in Skylar's room, getting ready to put the girls to bed. All of a sudden Kendall starts squealing and bouncing up and down, reaching her arms out. She had found a bear we had given to Skylar several years ago. It was love at first sight!! Skylar has been such a sweetheart to let Kendall play with it, and it is now a permanent fixture in Kendall's bed :) I just love to see her squeeze that bear and kiss it, it is almost as big as her!


Jones Family

She is so cute!

Hollie Hanson

Your girls are just so dang beautiful I can't get over it! Just like their mommy :) I love when they find a little thing like that that makes them so happy. What a good big sister to share!


How cute! I want kade to find something like that! Raegan has her bear. I think I might be kades favorite thing :)
YOur girls are so cute!
I love your new back ground by the way!

Heather Chamberlain

She's growing up so fast! Your girls are adorable and we miss you.

Jay and Bec

I can't believe how big she has gotten! Where is that little sleeping baby?? You have beautiful girls!