Rough week...

So you know those weeks where you are just so crazy busy that you are running around trying to do everything, and you really do nothing? And you are trying so hard to take care of all your responsiblities you neglect the most basic like being a loving wife and mother? Well I recently had one of those weeks. By Saturday Paul and I were arguing over little things, the girls were both grumpy and whiny and I had just about had it. Our solution...CHEESECAKE!! And boy was it good! Paul and I put the girls to bed and went to town! It was so great to just relax with my amazing husband, forget about all the stresses of life, and just enjoy each other and our cheesecake :)



cheesecake solves all problems!

Super Heumann

That's been my entire week! Can't wait for date night tomorrow. There is nothing like going out to dinner with your husband to make life a little easier!


yummy! we might have to do that one night! I think jared is in need of some cheescake ;)