7 Months Old!

Seriously, 7 months ALREADY!! I cannot believe how time is flying by! I just had to post about my precious little angel Kendall. It is hard to describe how much joy she has brought to my life, and to our family. Every night Skylar thanks Heavenly Father for sending her a little sister with "cute chubby cheeks" (her words :) She is always ready with a smile, and my favorite thing about her is the way she looks at me. She has the most adoring look that makes you feel like maybe, just maybe, you are actually doing something right. Paul and I are so crazy about Skylar it was hard to imagine feeling that way about another, but your heart truly does grow with each child. I love my Peanut!!



I love that picture of her!! I can't believe she is gettin so big!! Give her a big kiss for me!!