It was inevitable, I suppose...

My first call to Poison Control! Skylar's poison of choice? Icy Hot!! Ouch!! I imagine that didn't feel very good going down. The big question was, how much did she eat? How the heck do I know? If I would have been a good mom and been watching her, she wouldn't have eaten any! They left me with this awesome info. If she didn't eat very much, she should be fine. If she ate a lot, it is really serious and she has to be hospitalized. Hmm, so what should I watch for, I ask. Just look to see if she is acting differently than usual. Two minutes after while I was still on the phone she asked me if she could watch her ABC show again, so I think she will probably be okay :)



o man! :) that would freak me out!

Super Heumann

You are a good mom because if your not neither am I. :) I had to call poison control when Max ate Fabreeze a few months back. I felt horrible too. Don't beat yourself up.


I am glad she is ok! If this is the first time you have had to call, you are good - my first call was when Austin was oh...about 10 months old. You are a great mom - just remember - she won't remember it - so mess up all you can now, because in a few short years, they will remember it all!!!!! :)


Hey Tonii...I'm so glad you found my blog. Thanks for your comment. I love being able to keep in touch with friends through blogging. Your blog is adorable! I was reading through your posts and I love your attitude. You have the most positive attitude about everything. You have an infectious smile and you make life seem so fun all the time. I can't wait to keep in touch!

Jay and Bec

Oh my gosh!! I am so glad that she's okay! She and Sophie must be kindred spirits! With everything that Sophie has had in her mouth, it's a miracle that she's still here!! Icy hot of all things?!!

The Pond's Lily Pad

I forgot to tell you how excited I am that you delivered in the McDonalds room!!