Happy Easter

What a great Easter we had this year. Of course I was so crazy I didn't even take pictures of the girls in their easter dresses, but we did take some the week before so I will just post those :) We had so much fun hiding the easter eggs that eventually led to the easter basket, and Skylar had a ball! More importantly, Skylar now knows that some mean men killed Jesus, but in three days he was resurrected. The only downfall was when I said "Skylar, do you want to be like Jesus when you grow up?" of course she said yes. Then she said, "When I'm big like Jesus, some mean men will kill me too?" Ummm....oops.



I love the cute Easter dresses. I also loved Skylar's cute comment. Don't you love children's innocence?

Super Heumann

Max says things like that all the time. They are just trying to understand and thing get a little jumbled.

I didn't take pictures on Easter either. I'm glad I wasn't the only one.