Family Movie Night {The Wizard of Oz}

 Happy Friday my friends!  I hope you all had a lovely week.  Today I wanted to share something we've started in our family that you might like to try in yours...Family Movie Nights!

My kids are finally getting old enough that we can all sit down, and for the most part, enjoy a movie together.  We have been trying to introduce our kids to some movies that we loved when we were little, and the first one we started with was The Wizard of Oz.  Now you know me...the only way to make movie night better would be to have some yummy, themed treats :)

First up we had our Somewhere Over the Rainbow Fruit Salad. 

All I did was cut up strawberries, bananas, then add grapes, oranges and blueberries to make a tasty, colorful fruit salad!

Next up we had our Wicked Witch Chips and Dip.

Some homemade guacamole and tortilla chips were a simple, yummy snack the kids loved munching on.

Next up...Munchkin Carrots.

Yeah...they are just regular old baby carrots.  But everything is more fun to eat when it has a fun name, right?! ;)

Finally, my kids favorite treat...Yellow Brick Road Chocolates!

These are just Hershey Treasures, and man were they yummy!

The kids loved filling up their plates with some great snacks, snuggling up on their chairs, and enjoying one of my all-time favorite movies! 

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