Thanksgiving Mantle...with the cutest garland ever!

 I was so excited to put up my Thanksgiving decor this last weekend...and even more excited that it actually turned out better than I had hoped!

In my house I like to use some colors that aren't always traditional for the holidays.  I have a gorgeous blue rug that should be here any day, so every holiday I try and tie blue into my color scheme.  I also try and keep green in their too, and this mantle is no different.  

I have been LOVING the mustard/purple combo lately, and knew I wanted it incorporated into my decor.  Once I had all my pieces put together I realized...all my decorations perfectly matched our most recent family pictures!  And what would make a better garland for the holiday celebrating gratitude than pictures of the people in my life I love the most?!

This was SO simple!!  I just got some twine, strung it from my mantle, and then stuck some of my favorite family pictures up with clothespins!!  I did spray paint the clothespins with gold glitter so they would pop a little, but other than that it was the easiest (and I think cutest!) garland I have ever made!  If your families pics don't happen to match exactly...how cute would sepia-toned pictures or even some black and white pics be?!  I just love it!!

I love people that make awesome free printables!  I found this one HERE, I love the simplicity and colors of it.

I love a little metallic, so when I found this vase and pine cone at Hobby Lobby for 60% off, I knew we were in business.  I added a vase I already had to tie in that blue, and an 8x10 of my favorite family picture.

There you have it!!  Pretty simple, but sums up exactly what I am most grateful in my life during this month-long celebration of gratitude :) 

Do you ever stray from traditional colors when decorating for the holidays?  Do you find you have to get more creative since your style may not be in stores?  Or am I the ONLY one out there ditching the orange this Thanksgiving season? ;)


The Fullers

Your mantel is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your creativity for the people like me that are challenged

The Allen Family

Okay, that really is a fabulous idea! Wish I had a mantel! :)


So cute and fabulous!

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things

I love the non-traditional colors you used! I especially love how you focused it around how thankful you are for your family with the garland. So beautiful!!

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted

Oh my gosh you won over my heart with the colors you used! Love. I think I have like one TG decor up. I need to get on the ball!