I Hope They Call Me on a Mission Family Home Evening

Hello everyone!!

I can't believe how long it has been since I posted a family home evening.  It was funny, I was thinking that our FHE's have been really simple lately, and probably weren't worth posting.  But then I realized...sometimes the simple ones are the best ones of all!!  So even if its not some super creative idea, I still wanted to share our lessons and activities.  Hopefully they can jog some ideas or give you an idea or two to use in your own home ;)

Monday night we had a wonderful family home evening all about Missionary Work!!

The REALLY cool thing about this FHE was it was ALL my husband.  He has felt strongly lately about wanting to share some of his mission experiences with our kids and this was the perfect opportunity.

This FHE really was as simple as it gets.  The kids all gathered around daddy and listened to him talk about some special experiences he had serving in the Santiago, Chile mission.

Paul had a bunch of thing from his mission that he got to show and read to the kids.  They were so enthralled to read his mission call, and especially excited to see the signature of the prophet...they thought daddy was so cool!!

The kids all took turns wearing this bad boy :)  Paul talked a little bit about the responsibility that comes with sharing the gospel and being a special witness of Jesus Christ.  

Finally Paul showed them pictures of the people of Chile he had served.  The kids got so excited when they saw people he had baptized, or families standing outside the temple.  Paul also showed his bag that he carried for two years with holes worn in it.  He showed them his scriptures, so worn and so used.  Mostly, he bore testimony about those two wonderful years.  The lessons her learned and the influence they had on the rest of his life.

It was a wonderful night.  The kids were all SO excited to serve missions!  Well...mostly :)  Britton only wants to go if I can go with him (LOVE him!)  

So even though it was simple, the Spirit was strong and the kids got to learn more about one of THE best examples in their lives...their daddy :)


Jodi S

what a sweet experience :) Love that your one kiddo wants you to go along.


What a wonderful sweet family home evening!


I love that printable. I am always trying to think of ways to remind our boys that they will go on missions. I want them to feel the love of missionary work while they are young.