Don't Be a Turkey...Give Thanks!!

Hello everyone!!  I wanted to share with you one of our families favorite Thanksgiving Traditions today.

I love the month of November.  I love the weather, the smells, the FEELING of it all.  I mostly love teaching and focusing on gratitude with my children.  Several years ago I realized it would be more fun if we could not just talk about things we were grateful for...but then put that gratitude into action!!  

I came up with our own kind of countdown to Thanksgiving, here he is...

This is our cute little turkey that we hang up 2 weeks before Thanksgiving.

In case you want to join us...I made one for you guys too :)

Once I printed out my turkey and feathers, I cut out each of the feathers.  Then on the back of each one I write something we are grateful for, and then a corresponding activity to go with it!

Here are the activities I used...you could of course come up with your own that are more applicable for you family :)

I am thankful for good teachers....make treats and notes to deliver at school.
I am thankful for a strong and healthy body...play tag, ring-around-the-rosy, and the Hokey Pokey.
I am grateful for good books...go to the library and check out some new Thanksgiving books.
I am thankful for my daddy...make handprint turkeys and deliver to his work.
I am thankful for my imagination...act out the first Thanksgiving with props and costumes.
I am thankful for good neighbors...make and deliver yummy treats.
I am thankful to live in America...read about the pilgrims and make pilgrim hat treats.
I am thankful for my grandparents...color them pictures and write letters to mail.
I am thankful for a warm and cozy home to live in...make blankets to take to the homeless shelter at Christmas time.
I am thankful for my family...look through scrapbooks and old pictures.
I am thankful for enough food to eat...go to the store and buy food to donate to the food bank.
I am thankful for this beautiful earth...go on a nature walk through the neighborhood.
I am thankful for a loving Heavenly Father...do one random act of kindness today to pass that love on to others.
I am thankful for my Savior, Jesus Christ...read stories about Him and write down my testimony.

Once you have all your feathers filled out and your turkey hung up, you let your kids pick one feather and focus on that activity for your day!  It is a wonderful way to teach your kids to be grateful, spend time with them, and enjoy the real reason for this Thanksgiving season :) 

My kids were very excited to wake up yesterday and see our Turkey up and ready to go! ;)

Have a fantastic day everyone!!


The Allen Family

Fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing

Kendall Soto

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing this!

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things

Such an awesome idea Tonii! I love that you have some service-oriented things included on your feathers. What a fun tradition!

Regina Sullivan

I love the idea of the Thankful Turkey....I have been doing the thankful post on facebook each day, but I like this idea better as it gets the whole family involved. I also thought the fruity turkey for the afterschool snack was very creative....Following you from the mingle..http://iwouldnttradenothingformyjourneynow.blogspot.com