Kiwi Crate Review!


Have you heard of the company called Kiwi Crate?

If not...you MAY want to check it out :)  

If you have looked at this blog at all in the past, you know I am passionate about doing fun activities and crafts with my kids...and I LOVE me a theme!!  This is where Kiwi Crate comes into play.

Here's how it works:  Once you sign up online, the wonderful people at Kiwi Crate get your package all ready to go!  You pay a monthly fee and a package FULL of craft supplies and projects arrives RIGHT to your door!  Oh...and I didn't mention the best part.  It's all tied together with a theme...I LOVE it!

My kids were ecstatic when this beauty arrived in the mail :)

I really loved the special details.  My kids love getting mail, so getting a package personally addressed to them totally made their day.

Once we opened up our Crate we were so excited to see, the theme was all about BUGS!!

I was so impressed with how the crates LITERALLY came with everything you would need for the crafts...even new pairs of scissors.

As you can see, the crates are chock full of crafty goodness.  My kids could not wait to get their hands on it!

Our favorite project we did was definitely the bug stamping.  Included in the kit were these SUPER cool stamps.  They came really flat and hard, and the kids LOVED putting them in the water and seeing them puff up and take shape!

Once our sponge stamps were ready to go, I got out the paint and paintbrushes and the kids went wild!  I loved the cute background papers they sent as well, they had blank ones or leaves and sky scenes.

It was so fun for the kids to use all the different shapes, put them together, and see what kind of creepy crawlies we could come up with!!

The last few weeks have been rough at our house with my morning sickness reaching all time high (or low, more like it! ;)  

I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to have a box FULL of craft supplies that I could pull out at a moment's notice, and spend some quality time with my children.  

Kiwi Crate is a wonderful company passionate about educating children through creative play and helping us parents to do just that.  Make sure you check them out, BECAUSE....

Kiwi Crate is SO awesome...they are offering my wonderful readers $5 off their first month of Kiwi Crate!  All you have to do is enter the code BLUESKIES25 and then stalk the mailman til they deliver that cute green box ;)  This discount is good through Wednesday, so make sure you run over and check out all the fun!



I had missed that you were pregnant-CONGRATULATIONS!!! I have a question about Kiwi Crates... is there enough in the box for several kids or do you have to do the sibling add-on? Also, are there always 3 projects? Thanks!


I am so glad you cute kiddos got to give this a try! I need to order more from Kiwi Crate since my kids LOVED their box of goodies! Hope you are feeling better! So happy for you & your family!