Smiling this Sunday!

Today's Smiling this Sunday is short and sweet!  

Today was just one of THOSE Sundays.  You know...the ones where no matter what you do, your kids are crazy and fighting.  No matter how hard you try to bring the Spirit into the home, there is an underlying feeling of contention and chaos.  

I woke up early with the kids and made them breakfast...they immediately started crying when I wouldn't put on a show for them.  I patiently reminded them that Sunday is a special day, and we don't watch our shows on Sunday.  I tried to read them stories from The Friend...they listened for about 5 minutes then started fighting about who knows what ;)  When it was time to get ready for church the hysterics began!  Little boys screaming about not wanting their hair done, and little girls screaming about not wanting to get dressed.  I'm sure you get the point....it just seemed to go on and on!  

By the time we got to Sacrament Meeting I was feeling frazzled, grumpy, and just plain annoyed.  Not the best way to walk into church.  Because we were running late the only bench seats left were in the front row, right in front of an older couple in our ward.  I immediately started to feel self-conscious, sure that my kids would be very distracting to this sweet couple behind us.  The older gentleman used to be our Gospel Doctrine teacher and I have always been slightly in awe of him.  He has so much gospel knowledge and SUCH a powerful testimony.  As church progressed I was constantly reminding my kids to whisper, taking little ones to the potty, taking a screaming baby out in the hall, etc.  By then end I was feeling so overwhelmed and just plain weary.  

As we stood up to go to our different classes, the sweet brother behind us stopped me as I was about to walk out.  He put his arm around my shoulder and said, "I just have to tell you Sister Johnson...your children were so well-behaved!"

WHAT?!!  That was so NOT how I was feeling.  I told him that and he simply said, "No, no...they were just wonderful!  You can tell they are loved...you are doing a wonderful job."

I got teary-eyed and thanked him...in fact I told him he had made my whole week.  It was a powerful reminder to me of how much difference a kind word can make in someones life.  Do I really think my kids were well-behaved today?  Nope.  Do I think a sweet old man saw a young mother that was feeling a little overwhelmed and frazzled, and went out of his way to build her up and restore a little of that confidence that she usually has?  Exactly.

That's why I am smiling this Sunday.  Such a little thing, that made all the difference in my day.  I vowed to be more like sweet that sweet brother...to take time out of my busy life to help build up those around me.  

So now its YOUR turn...lets all get positive and share ONE thing that is making you smile this Sunday...I can't wait to hear!!


Kelley @ TheGrantLife.com

Awww.. momma! Ive been there.. like every single Sunday. I have one lady at church that tells me the same thing 'Your kids were sooo good!' Really?! Didnt you see me wrestling with them??

You are a great mom! What a sweet story :)

The Harding Family
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The Harding Family

uuuhhh ohhhh!! I'm sure it was the influence from my naughty boys the night before and a little bit to do with us keeping them up soo late;) we love you guys and YOUR A WONDERFUL MOM TONII, I wish I was as patient and shoft spoken as you are! I need a lessons, you always have "IT TOGETHER",, TEACH ME!!!

The Johnson Family of Colorado

Isn't it the best gift when we get compliments on our kids from someone else? Sometimes we are not just His hands, but we are His lips and voice to encourage and lift. :) We love you! Hang in there Mom!

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted

Awww...see sometimes the things we think people notice about us or your kiddos is really just in our head..LOL