I love technology....

Admit it...after reading that post title you are singing the song from Napolean Dynamite, aren't you? ;)

I just recently got my first smart phone and I have a love/hate relationship with it.  I love all of its capabilities and all the COOL things I can do with it...but I hate how much time I spend on the darn thing :)   I am making a serious effort to put my phone away and not let it run my life...but I AM enjoying having a camera with me wherever I go.  I don't always lug my big camera around with me, so its great to capture some candid shots with my phone that really show our day to day life.  I thought I would share a few from just the last few weeks :)

You could say Britton is obsessed with the bike he got for his birthday.  If he has to go to the bathroom...he rides his bike to the bathroom.  If he wants a snack...he rides to the kitchen, puts the snack in the back pocket, and takes off again.  Such a funny boy!

One of my kids' most favorite places to go is our local Dinosaur Museum.  We were lucky enough to get to take their cute cousin Kade with us last time, and they all had such a great time!  

Avrie FINALLY got some teeth so she can eat some real food.  Her food of choice?  Corn dogs :)

I wouldn't know what to do with myself if at least one or two of my kids weren't sick during a month.  This last time it was Kendall and Britton's turns :)  Of course they HAVE to get really bad on the weekend so we get to make a trip to the InstaCare...luckily we had my phone to keep us entertained :)

One night Paul went into Britton's room to turn off his light, and this is what he found.  I LOVE how he sleeps...can't get enough of my little man :)

This picture pretty much sums up how Avrie spends her mornings.  She loves to crawl through the side of the shelf, sit on the bottom, laugh and wave to me....and then crawl through the side of the shelf and do it all over again.  Literally....she does it over and over and over!

Love this pic Paul took on Mother's Day.  It is a real representation of me and my kids...dirty dishes in the background and all!

Paul knows me so well...after he put the kids to bed on Mothers Day he surprised me with some of my favorite things...Pringles and Root Beer :)

He he...such a mean mommy!  Avrie was miserable in that little pool...but Paul would not let me get her out. Eventually it warmed up and she had a good old time splashing away with all her cute cousins.

Well, there are some random shots of us the last few weeks.  They may not seem like anything too special, but to me its these every day moments that I try so hard to cherish.  I know before long this little babes will be grown and I will long for "some" of these days again ;)


Tonia L

Those are great random shots! I love looking back over the years at all of the snapshots that have been taken and just remembering when!

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things

Love all of these moments!! I've been doing a recap every week too and it's such a good reminder of all those small meaningful moments. Most of my shots during the week are from phone too. It's so handy!

I have the same type of love/hate relationship with my smart phone but ultimately I decided it's a good option for me. I used to feel glued to the computer checking my email and then getting distracted on blogs and pinterest. Now with the smartphone, since the emails come right to my phone I don't have any reason to get on the computer and get distracted for hours. Haha!

Kelley @ TheGrantLife.com

Cute cute cute! I love the everyday pictures! Britton is too stinkin funny with that bike! And Avrie.. so sweet! Love it! Cant wait to see more of your sweeties :)