Lost library books no more!! (A return to Cutting the Chaos??)

I admit it....I have paid more than my fair share of library late fees and lost book fees :) We LOVE the library at our house, but we are usually so crazy that we either forget to take them back or misplace them all together. Since we just got new library cards for me and the girls yesterday, I decided we needed a little organization to make the most of our library experience. Luckily I had the perfect spot in my house just crying out for a simple project :)

First I grabbed one of these cute buckets that I got fro Ikea that matches my kitchen. This is the new spot for all of our library books.

Then I cut this darling saying out of vinyl using my Silhouette. I thought it fit just perfectly!

I also cut 2 library card holders using my Silhouette. I just taped them up on the wall and stuck the girls library cards in them. They were so excited to get them, but they did NOT want them in my wallet...they wanted their own special place for them!

Finally I cut a mini file folder that I stuck the receipts of all the books we borrowed in. That way I can check each book off the list when we go back and make sure we are not forgetting any.

Here is how the whole thing came together....I am ecstatic at how it turned out. Not only does it look cute but it is completely practical and cut a little bit of chaos in our home!

Thanks for stopping by today, hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy those "Blue Skies Ahead"!

Somewhat Simple



ah i love the book box and the little less chaos is always a wonderful thing!!!

Mickie and Matt

Did you check out My Mommy hung the Moon yet? So good.

That is the perfect spot. I just have a cute little bucket in the corner of our living room I keep all our stuff in...

Brit @ JandMs Eye Candy

So clever. I have also paid my share of late dues :( This is an awesome idea that I am going to copy exactly! Thanks so much for sharing with us, and linking up! Hope to party with you again soon ;)

Brit @ JandMs Eye Candy

We are featuring this awesome idea on our blog tomorrow. Don't forget to grab a button. :)

Blessed x3

I love this idea! I put the due date on our dry erase board calendar. I keep the library books in a bag that I got from my son's preschool. It has pictures that each child draw of themselves. I love that bag!

If I make room, I need to do this! I love that the kids can read anytime they want to. Reading is so important!

Thanks for posting.


This is such a great idea. We always have such a hard time keeping track of library books. I'd love to put this in my house...just need to find a place for it. Thanks for sharing.


Great idea! We're in the same boat as you - always checking out a TON of books and then misplacing them all over our house! I love your solution to your lost book problem!


Such a great-looking solution!


With 4 kiddos who all love books and reading we ended up dedicating one shelf on our bookshelf just to library books. Also, most libraries should have automated email reminders when books are due, that was always helpful for me.